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Large Lingerie Wash Bag

Large Lingerie Wash Bag

SKU: LWB1513-1M

There will be a 10% discount for 12 or more of this product: use coupon 1201

There will be a 20% discount for 24 or more of this product: use coupon 2401

For orders of a large quantity please contact us directly

  • Product Description

    Our lingerie wash bag protects your delicateundergarments and hosiery during machine washing and keeps them in one place.

    Durable nylon mesh zipper bag extends the life ofyour under garments

    Our Lingerie Wash Bag protects your delicatesduring machine washing. The mesh allows the water and detergent to circulate and wash your delicates thoroughly. The bag has an easy to use rust resistant zipper.

    These bags are ideal for washing small items, socks, panties, pantyhose and handkerchiefs?

    Large - 15” x 13”

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