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Plastic Underwire 34G -46A

Plastic Underwire 34G -46A

There will be a 10% discount for 24 or more of this product: use coupon 2422

There will be a 15% discount for 72 or more of this product: use coupon 7202

For orders of a large quantity please contact us directly

  • Product Description

    Plastic underwires are ideal for consumers with allergies  to metal.

    Offers light support to bras, swimwear, dancewear, activewear and eveningwear Flexible and comfortable on the body

    Our plastic wires only come in one generic shape.  Confirm you shape and size by clicking on "Wire Drawings" in the top menu bar.  Select plastic wires and then print.  Place your wire on the printed drawing and find the wire that best matches.    


    Available in sizes 32B to 38D

    Qty - 1 Pair?

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